What About Oral Sex

Oral sex is also called oral intercourse and is common in 80% couples worldwide. People find it pleasurable and really satisfying whether it is a man or a woman. Oral sex includes the stimulation of the partner’s genitals with mouth(lips, tongue, teeth). Oral sex is referred to non-penetrative sex and it is likely to be performed by the teenagers to preserve their virginity. In heterosexual couples, it is usually performed as in foreplay before the sexual activities to spice up the heat and to make the mood of partner and to lubricate each other’s genitals for intercourse.


Fellatio means the stimulation of a man’s penis by the mouth of his partner. It is also known as blowjob, giving head or sucking off in slang language. It is an erotic scene to stimulate a man’s scrotum with licking and sucking. This intimate act just mind blowing and can be sexually arousing for both the partners. It can make a man reach the orgasm and ejaculation in the best way possible. Cum on face, cum in mouth or giving a pearl necklace of your cum to your partner would be the most satisfying feeling. To avoid the penile penetration, fellatio would be a great option as the deep throating gives more pleasure than the vaginal sex.


Cunnilingus as an intimate act of oral sex includes the stimulation of vagina or vulva by the partner’s mouth, usually licking of vaginal area. It is mostly performed to make a women reach orgasm as it takes longer to reach in vaginal sex. Clitoris is the most sensitive part of female vagina which is present at the outer surface of vagina in centre above the pussy lips. The stimulation of clitoris can make a women sexually aroused and then reach the orgasm.  


Oral sex can be performed by many ways and in many positions

  • One can sit on the partner’s face to receive a fellatio or cunnilingus easily.
  • Female partner can sit on her knees to give a blowjob to her male partner sitting on a chair.
  • In the best way, both can receive oral sex with the perfect position of 69.
  • Female partner can lay down on bed or a table with legs spread wide open for her partner to lick out her vagina.
  • In doggy style, partners are able to lick out each other from behind.
  • One can easily penetrate the tongue inside the female partner’s vagina for immense pleasure.

Oral sex has everything you have been searching for, the ticklish effect, soothing relaxation, mischievousness and lot more than that. It is considered to be safe sex and is common in every sexuality. Whether it is a heterosexual couple, gay couple, lesbian couple or trans couple, oral sex is the pleasure of everyone. It is performed by many adolescents to satisfy their new cravings for opposite gender without the fear of losing virginity. One should definitely try oral sex out of curiosity to achieve that level of satisfaction.

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