DHA Golf Club Karachi Sindh

DHA Golf Club Karachi Sindh

DHA Clubs are the platform for offering its members unique leisure, entertainment, and sports amenities in an aesthetically colorful and energetic setting. DHA has eight elite clubs identified by their class that provide relief and amusement to its individuals and families. These clubs are the essence of elegant, euphoric, and exotic settings that serve as a place for members to unwind, replenish, and revitalize their energies. DHA Clubs are not only a center of entertainment and quality food, but they are also defined by an excellent blend of modern lifestyle and traditional mannerisms.

The DHA Golf Club Karachi Sindh is among the country’s most prominent and finest golf clubs, located along Karachi’s coastal belt. The club’s 18-hole par-72 golf course surpasses worldwide golfing criteria. The first nine holes debuted on April 28, 1997, and the rear nine on August 30, 1998. Later, in January 2001, the Clubhouse and Administration Block was built. The golf club has been renovated to USGA standards, including night golfing and an autonomous irrigation system. The course’s current yardage has been raised to 7120 to satisfy international standards. The club attracts its participants and their families through cultural and other festivals and its value-added amenities.

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