Defense Authority Sunset Club

Defense Authority Sunset Club

Defense Authority Sunset Club

The Defense Authority Sunset Club is one of DHA’s most well known clubs, drawing in people of any age who need to unwind and live it up in a rich setting. Brig Shahid Hassan Ali, the manager of the DHA, visited the DA Sunset Club to analyze the most recent redesigns and updates done by the club’s administration to hold the club’s world class status. Whenever the club’s executive advanced around, he was intrigued with the quality and craftsmanship of the work.
The entirety of the club’s conveniences, including the Barber Shop, Gym, Lighting Arrangements, and Banquet Hall, have been modified or upgraded. Endeavors have been made to work on the club’s design, lighting, and quietness.
It was perceived by the director that the club had made the excellent stride of setting up a select climate, a loosening up environment, and a feeling of decorum. To assist individuals with resting, reproduce, and revive, he expressed that DHA clubs ought to give the best amusement, sporting, and sports offices. With regards to esteemed friendliness and customized administration at clubs, he demanded that they ought to be executed exactly and soul. we have Hottest Escort in Karachi

As a games club, Sunset Club opened in 1989 with a wide scope of sports and eating conveniences. The clubhouse is situated on Khayaban-e-Jami Phase-II and has an aggregate of 45,000 square yards (Ext). The structure of the club as a games club started when it was established. General (Retd) Mirza Aslam Baig, then Chief of the Army Staff, led the introduction service on August 9, 1991, when the club was in an incredible state. The Sunset Club and Sunset Gardens are two free areas of the club.
The Main Club has completely prepared sports and culinary offices tantamount to any very good quality Club/inn. Jasmine Dining Hall, an outdoors BBQ Lawn named “Jasmine Lawn,” and a superb club pastry kitchen with live baking and a Fresh Juice Bar are all important for the cafeteria conveniences.
BBQ and ala carte administrations are advantageously housed in a similar office as a bite counter for the individuals’ utilization, as well as different sorts of great food. The 23 lavish facilities at Sunset Lodge are cutting edge. As an additional advantage, individuals might utilize these rooms to have guests. Non-individuals are free to reserve a spot in light of room accessibility regardless of whether they are not individuals.
For weddings, corporate occasions, and other business exercises, there are nine capacity scenes/yards with limits going from 120 to 1200 individuals. Reservations might be made by any occupants of the DHA, in any case, Club Members have first dibs. At DA Sunset Club, these spaces might be held for private occasions.
Hepatitis is a blood-borne infection that goes after the liver and is seriously unsafe to human wellbeing and life. Workers of the DHA Sunset Club and the Orthopedic and Medical Institute were offered the chance to take part in a free Hepatitis B and C testing camp in the Club Banquet Hall. The clinical group checked countless club staff individuals.
The very first Real Estate Expo grant service was facilitated in style at the Marble Arch Complex of the Defense Authority Sunset Club. The central visitor of the event was Brigadier-General (DHA) Brigadier-General Shahid Hassan Ali.

DHA Golf Club Karachi Sindh

DHA Golf Club Karachi Sindh

DHA Golf Club Karachi Sindh

DHA Clubs are the platform for offering its members unique leisure, entertainment, and sports amenities in an aesthetically colorful and energetic setting. DHA has eight elite clubs identified by their class that provide relief and amusement to its individuals and families. These clubs are the essence of elegant, euphoric, and exotic settings that serve as a place for members to unwind, replenish, and revitalize their energies. DHA Clubs are not only a center of entertainment and quality food, but they are also defined by an excellent blend of modern lifestyle and traditional mannerisms.

The DHA Golf Club Karachi Sindh is among the country’s most prominent and finest golf clubs, located along Karachi’s coastal belt. The club’s 18-hole par-72 golf course surpasses worldwide golfing criteria. The first nine holes debuted on April 28, 1997, and the rear nine on August 30, 1998. Later, in January 2001, the Clubhouse and Administration Block was built. The golf club has been renovated to USGA standards, including night golfing and an autonomous irrigation system. The course’s current yardage has been raised to 7120 to satisfy international standards. The club attracts its participants and their families through cultural and other festivals and its value-added amenities.

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Karachi Food Street

Karachi Food Street

Karachi Food Street

Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan and twelfth throughout the world is considered to be the city of lights. Inhabited by approximately 16 million people, mesmerizing places, both visiting and historical ones, the city is also known for its wide range of mouthwatering and delicious cuisines. Sounds interesting? That must be if you’re a foodie and loves to explore new restaurants, cafes, even the side stalls etc.

Talking about the foods of Karachi and yet ignoring the most renowned spot across the city, how come! Yes, we’re talking about none other than Karachi Food Street, the busiest food hub and yes paradise for food lovers. So what are you waiting for foodies? Let’s get straight into the insights of this sparkling place in this blog of ours.

Karachi Foods

Location of Food Street Karachi

The food street Karachi is located at Burns Road, which is one of the well-known spots in the city for its various restaurants and street food sellers.

Variety of Foods at Karachi Food Street, Burns Road

Variety of Foods at Karachi Food Street, Burns Road

Karachi Food Street at Burns Road is exceptional and truly matchless for a huge variety of cuisines available there in a go. The list of these delicious foods include the following,

  • Biryani
  • Pulao
  • Qorma
  • Paya
  • Kofta
  • Kababs
  • Nihari
  • Haleem
  • Kata-kat
  • Rogani Naan
  • Sheer-Khurma
  • Tea
  • Paan

The list of the foods at Burns Road Food Street does not come to a halt here. Foodies! Make sure not to miss the dishes which are pretty much famous there. To fuel up your fondness, check out the following must-try foods of this spectacular food street of Karachi.

Foods Which Are a Must to Try At Karachi Food Street

Karachiites whenever come across Burns Road can’t resist the captivating smell of the foods coming and feel like going there and getting their cravings satisfied. Though truly exceptional in the deliciousness offered during both day and night time, there are a few food items pals which we urge you to try must whenever you feel like passing nearby the street.

Dahi Phulki

If you are a sweet and savoury lover, there’s one shop at the food street that you should try then i.e. Fresco which is highly applauded for stuff like Dahi Phulkis, Samosas and Sweets.

Waheed Ke Kebab

Known for decades by food lovers, this kebab fry is scrumptious. Once you try it, there is no turning back! So foodies, give it a try once.


Rabri, the name is enough to drool over. If you’re a sweet or Rabri lover, then try it from no place other than Karachi Food Street’s Delhi Rabri House.

Babu Bun Kabab

Think of being a Bun Kabab lover and then not tasting something worth extraordinary. Yes! That is Babu Bun Kabab offering a very soft bun kabab with a flavourful chutney and ketchup that you just can’t get over it.

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