Best Sex Advices On Position Love Making Of 2022

Best Sex Advices On Position Love Making Of 2022

To make the sex life exciting and fun, newness and adventure plays a great role. Partners should try exciting sex toys, sex movies and different sex positions to keep their sex life interesting. Here is a list of some sex positions to induce the orgasm, VIP Escort in Karachi.

• Table Top Position

As the name indicates, this position includes the top of your table, bed or any smooth surface for the female partner to lay down on. The male partner enters while standing in front of the beautiful lady. The depth of thrust can be controlled by the raised legs of female partner touching the shoulders of the male.

• Valedictorian Position

  • In this position, the missionary position is extended by raising up the legs of female partner like forming a V and the stretch enhances the sensation.

• Spork Position

This position allows the male partner to grab the female partner by his legs at 90° angle for the penetration. This position is considered to be the most intimate one.

• Face-Off Position

  • In this position, a partner sits at the end of the bed or a chair and the other one sits in the lap. This position is best for the controlled entry and provide best angle of depth. To make it more interesting, partners can caress on the skin of each other and the male can rub the boobs gently while kissing the lips passionately.

• Cowgirl Position

  • This is the most liked position by women because it is the female dominant sex position. In this position, the male lies down on his back and the female partner sits on the pelvis area carefully. This is the whole fun for both the partners and can be good for a delayed climax.

• The Seashell Position

  • From missionary to valedictorian, this position is evaluated in this form. In this position, the female partner raises her legs and cross her ankles behinds her own head giving the best view of hotness and open invitation for a hard-core sex.

• Ballet Dancer Position

  • Best for the shower times, this position helps you to connect and face the partner for more time during sex. In this position, male partner stands up and support the female partner with his hands to stand on one foot to spread her legs for better penetration. It is the best position if you are flexible and it can be intensified when the female partner raises her leg to his shoulder for deeper pleasure.

• 69 Position

And this is the most famous and loved in all. In this most popular sex position, one partner lies down on the back and the other one climbs up on top lying away from the upper body and makes it look like the number 69. In this amazing position, one can lick and suck out the partners genitals and receive the same at the same time. This is the best position to get dual pleasure. To make it hotter, the use of sex toys can be a great idea to apply on each other.

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